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Fine art photography cards, apparel and accessories featuring original work by J. Callender based in Brooklyn, New York. 
The eclectic collection include fun and colorful tops, leggings and bags, elegant sheer scarves, comfy pillow covers to jazz up your space, lovely mugs for coffee/tea lovers as well as detailed art greeting cards. 

Hello, and welcome. I'm a fine art photographer and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. In my work I prefer to embrace a retro, surreal and dreamy quality. New York City is bustling and fast moving and moments can just pass you by. It's a joy to really take in those details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Thankfully my love for photography has allowed me to do just that through the years.

The quest to capture my surroundings started much earlier when I was given my first camera at age nine. My initial and reluctant subject was my photogenic Irish Setter who tried to escape the clicking machine. These days my tools have changed but my passion to create images has not diminished. I share these moments with you and I hope you find a piece that sparks your imagination, complements your space and style. 

Recent publications that have featured my photos: The Chicago Tribune, Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, NYMag and Elle Magazine among others. Thank you for visiting and I hope these images and creations bring you as much joy as they brought me. 

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